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The company's R&D team has more than ten years of experience in the total synthesis of natural compounds, Small melucule drugs, and has been deeply involved in the research and development of small molecule new drugs for decades. The management team members have worked in many well-known new drug R&D companies in China.

Zhejiang Hengkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Offer CMO(Contract Manufacturing) in small molecule drug.

Hengkang Pharma. has 160 reactors, totally 53000 L Volume, has hydrogenation reactor.

Our site was approved by EMA、NMPA、PDMA、KMDS.

Hengkang Pharma. not only undertakes the conventional process reaction types, but also can provide you with:

1. Chiral asymmetric hydrogenation reaction

2. Total synthesis of natural compounds

3. Diazotization and its derivatization reaction (continuous flow technology)
Nitration reaction (continuous flow technology)
Oxidation reaction (continuous flow technology)
Hydrogenation reaction (continuous flow technology)
Cyclization reaction (continuous flow technology)
High viscosity reaction (continuous flow technology)
Amination reaction (continuous flow technology)
Selective monoacyl (ether) reaction (continuous flow technology)

4. Continuous flow design and industrialization services of traditional processes

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