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Safe production, occupational health policy 

Safety first, prevention oriented, full participation, enhanced supervision, comprehensive prevention and control, scientific development, health first, continuous improvement.  

Full participation, enhanced supervision:
Safe production is an issue for all workers, in the whole process and in all aspects. The target is to protect the workers' health, safety and to ensure the property is not damaged; Hengkang committees to accept supervision from all workers, authorities and society, and to respect national regulations and obligations on occupational health and safety.

Comprehensive prevention and control, scientific development: specifying safety responsibilities at all levels, aiming at "zero accidents and disease", enhancing workers' self-protection awareness and skills through education and training; training operators by focusing on special equipment and dangerous parts operations; improving the work environment and labor protection instrument; enhancing the on-site communication, adopting the reasonable suggestions and proposals, increasing the safety.

Health first, continuous improvement:in the safety and occupational health management, human is the first factor. People's safety and health come first priority when weighing benefits, Hengkang's goal is to keep continuous improvement in occupational safety and health performance, in order to continuously improve company's management system.


Environmental Policy

Create a green environment, comply with relevant rules and laws, enhance environment protection awareness, prevent pollution, promote energy saving and consumption reduction, continuous improvement.

Environmental Policy description:       

Create green environment: protecting the environment and benefiting mankind is everyone's responsibility and obligation. Hengkang wants to create a comfortable, healthy and clean environment for work and living.

Comply with relevant rules and laws:during the operations, strictly observe national rules and laws, local environmental rules and obligations, observing laws is Hengkang's basic principle.  

Enhance environment protection awareness: build environmental protection awareness, understand and participate environmental protection, cooperate strictly with authorities, increase employees’ environmental awareness and protection skills.

Prevent pollution: implement environmental management system, establish relative management system, take measures for control of workshops' noise, sewage, wastes emission in order to prevent pollution, keep environmental improvement.

Promote energy saving and consumption reduction: consume the water, electricity, gasoline etc in a reasonable and effective way, choose the environmental friendly product, in order to enhance profit by reducing consumption, cost and being environmental oriented.

Continuous improvement: reinforce and improve environmental management system, in order to enhance and improve the environmental protection performance, Hengkang's goal is to keep improving the company's management system.

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