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The logo has blue and green as predominant colors, the progressively enlarging dots represent company's progress and expansion. 3 semi-circular arcs cross the dots, green color, which represents life, hope and health, means mankind's heath and keep innovation; blue, which represents sea, sky, water and universe, means endless. The logo represents calm courage, vast and profound, and expresses Hengkang business's flourishing and infinite continuance, at the same time transmits Hengkang 's spirit of "quality and innovation insistence, reliability and never give-up".
The logo, which looks like a butterfly flapping its wings, represents Hengkang as an emerging and fast-developing company is flying to the future, and represents Hengkang people's big heart. The curved lines, which look like meridian and parallels around the planet, represent not only that Hengkang people are facing future and keep pushing with scientific, rigorous and responsible attitude, and also transmit that Hengkang advances to the vision and goal of "becoming the Chinese strongest, world's first class pharmaceutical company".

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